1. Creators Guild Creation Complete

Pangea is seeking to build one of the largest collectives of Metaverse builders and artists in Web3. Through this guild, Pangea will leverage the power of the collective to effectively and efficiently develop on our land assets, increasing the value of the land and the yield that will be generated. This guild will also operate as a space where creators can find compensated work as well as having opportunities to play around in various worlds and learn from one another.

2. Token Presale Complete

Pangea is opening up a limited presale to our early adopters to bootstrap the liquidity necessary for our public token launch. Pangea still stands on the grounds that we will not be taking any institutional investment at presale and thus we want our community to benefit from early investment opportunities. The presale will be capped at 1 ETH per address as we want to limit any single individual or group from dumping large allocations at public sale to turn a quick profit. Please see this tweet to learn more about the ways to get added to our allowlist and follow our socials to hear about the upcoming openings!

3. Token Generation Event Coming Soon

This is where we open the doors up to the public! Anyone and everyone can invest as much as they would like to in Pangea, and all funds raised will be placed into the treasury to be used for investments at the discretion of the DAO. Accepted funds for this raise will be limited to $ETH and $USDC so make sure to have your funds ready! Following the conclusion of the TGE, $PNGA will be freely traded on DEXs and eventually, some centralized exchanges.

4. Fund Deployment Phase 1

The DAO will now begin to propose and evaluate investment decisions that will be executed. While the core team has established various ideas for where to deploy the initial funds Pangea raises, we are simply part of the DAO and all decisions must eventually be proposed and evaluated by the community. However, at this stage in the journey of decentralization, the core team will take the lead on investment initiatives to ensure efficiency and kickstart Pangea's operations. The core team will propose initial investment opportunities with analysis reports, as well as an investment thesis that underlays the investment opportunities, and then act on these proposals. These initial investments will be entirely focused on Metaverse Land assets. DAO members will also be able to propose other investments as well. During Phase 1, the team recognizes Pangea will be early on the journey of complete decentralization and while we are building this project with this goal in mind, the beginning stages might look a bit different than the projects end state. Decentralized decision-making is the end goal, not the starting point.

5. DAO Formation

Once we have established holders, we are able to form Pangea's DAO that will be in charge of all decisions for Pangea, including but not limited to investment choices, governance structure, marketing, and general project direction. The DAO will vote on initial actions that will need to be taken such as electing a governance mining council or implementing new DAO tools. From this point onwards, all DAO members will be able to have their voice heard through creating proposals and voting on other proposals.

6. Governance Mining Program & Liquidity Provision Launch

At this stage we will begin rewarding our community members for helping Pangea. The governance mining program will be launched to directly reward those who contribute to the DAO in a variety of ways, ranging from proposing and voting on DAO decisions to supporting a Metaverse build to helping design marketing content-- there will be tons of ways to contribute and be compensated! We will leverage a variety of tools such as Coordinape, Sourcecred, Utopia Labs, and more to most accurately and fairly compensate members based on contribution. These processes will help incentivize and expedite the development process necessary to increase the value of Pangea's land. Additionally, the focus on incentivizing DAO contribution through our governance mining program is created with the goal of progressing down the path on the journey towards true decentralization. Liquidity providers will also be rewarded through the launch of our staking platform. We will offer both single-sided staking and a $PNGA-$ETH LP pairing.

7. Asset Monetization Strategy Phase 1

The DAO will decide on the best strategies to monetize and receive yield on our assets. As discussed in the Monetization Edition of the Virtual Land Series, the core team has identified a few key strategies that could be employed at this stage such as: Renting, Fractionalizing, Revenue Sharing, and Collateralizing Pangea's land. Similarly to Phase 1 of Fund Deployment, the core team will propose a set of initial Monetization opportunities but DAO members will have the opportunity to propose ideas as well. This precedent is being taken as Pangea will still be in the early stages of decentralization and we do not want to sacrifice efficiency.

8. Phase 1 Analysis and Report

After deploying funds and completing our first cycle of investing and monetizing assets, Pangea will conduct a deep analysis on the results from this cycle. Following this analysis, a report will be published publicly and sent to all of our holders to provide transparency on the progress of the project and the success of our Initial Investment and Asset Monetization strategies.

9. Phase 2 Roadmap

The results of Phase 1 and the subsequent analysis will determine the path forward for Pangea. At this point in time, Pangea will continue towards a path of becoming truly decentralized and decisions will continue to be sourced across the the DAO.