Meet the Team

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Albert Wegener

Business Development & Community Building. ex Co-Founder of Two-Sided Marketplaces, Developed numerous Fortune 500 partnerships. Fan of the Billionaire Tax. Guild & UFC Maxi.

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Governance Architect and Metaverse Land Specialist at Pangea. In a past life, co-founder & CEO for a Web2 startup that was acquired. Behavioral economics and anime enthusiast.

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Head of Development and IT. 8+ years experience as tech lead at a charity with 300+ members. Former CTO and lead developer at startup with successful exit. Solidity and web2 full-stack developer.

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@punk8621 is responsible for Operations, Events, & Activations at Pangea. He holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Design & has been a Crypto Degen since 2017. Punk8621 has previously worked for a Danish Fintech company that focused on algorithmic trading, in sales for a SAAS startup, and once owned an art gallery in New York.

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Jonny Fiat

Jonny specializes in Business Development and Commercial Strategy. He has a background in Decision Support, Business Intelligence, Forecasting, and Commercial/Marketing Analytics. Crypto Class of 2017, participated in Decentraland’s ICO and Terraform Event.


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Parcel is the destination for virtual real estate, featuring land aggregation, real-time price appraisals, analytical insights, and a comprehensive creator directory and content platform. Together we empower the creator economy in the metaverse.

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InternDAO is an admissions-only research and development DAO focused on having fun, sharing alpha, and building the decentralized future with friends. InternDAO will advise on Pangea's Token Design, DeFi opportunities, and Treasury Management.

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Ken Wattana

Ken leads marketing at FreshCut, a web3 gaming content platform. He is a member and advisor to several DAOs, founded a social community app, and worked at several early stage startups.

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Sam Spurlin

Sam is a partner at The Ready, an organization design consultancy specializing in the cultivation of self-managing organizations. He coaches, guides, and provokes organizations toward a better future.

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Tanisi Pooran

Tanisi is a partner at The Ready. They specialize in cultivating emergent & principled change through community-centered practice in order to build brighter, more just futures.

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On-Chain Data Scientist. Master of Science-Analytics University of Notre Dame, Full Stack dev program Northwestern University, Consensys Certified smart contract developer. Co-founder of Genesis Volatility & DeGen Data. Previously head of Data Science at FRST.

Untitled Profile Pic

Untitled is a digital artist and virtual architect. He is the Lead Metaverse Architect at the Museum of Crypto Art, MOCA. He holds a master's degree in urban design from Columbia University and a bachelor's of architecture from Cornell University.